English Book Recommendations: Cam Jansen Series

It’s time for the second part of my “Book Recommendations” series. Did you miss the first one? Just click here.

Today I’m recommending…

The Cam Jansen Series by David A. Adler


Chapter books, mystery

Reading Level

Beginner English learners (A2, B1). You can try reading part of one Cam Jansen book here (click on “Read and Excerpt”).


Cam Jansen is a clever kid with a photographic memory. She uses this skill to solve mysteries, with help from her best friend Eric.

Why should you read it?

This series is great for beginners. It uses simple sentences. This means it’s very good if you aren’t ready for relative clauses. It gives beginners many, many examples of the simple past and simple present, and it does not use more advanced tenses (like the present perfect).

It will also help to grow your vocabulary. You can choose a book in the series with the vocabulary you would like to learn. You could read “Cam Jansen and the School Play Mystery” to learn theatre vocabulary. For wedding vocabulary, you could read “Cam Jansen and the Wedding Cake Mystery”.

More about the author

David A. Adler lives in New York. He worked as a math teacher before becoming a writer.

He also writes books for children about famous people in history, like Abraham Lincoln and Amelia Earhart.

Do you want better English pronunciation? There’s a great book for that by Doctor Seuss. Just click here to read my blog post about it.

Happy reading everyone!

Images come from the Penguin Website.

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