Basic Croatian + Photo Diary

I was on holiday in Croatia last week – so I thought I’d interrupt my usual content with something a little different.

Here are some photos from my trip, plus a list of Croatian words and phrases that I learned along the way. They might come in handy if you decide to visit this gorgeous country yourself.

Photo diary


Bol, Croatia


Bol, Croatia


Split, Croatia – seen from Marjan Hill


Split, Croatia


Zadar, Croatia


Plitvice Lakes, Croatia


Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

Useful words and phrases

The basics:

1) Dobar Dan – Good day

2) Molim – Please

3) Hvala – Thank you

4) Doviđenja – Goodbye (The đ is pronounced a bit like j in English, and the j like the y in yes.)

5) Da – Yes

6) Ne – No

Staying hydrated:

The next few words all refer to drinks. On the bright side, you’ll never be thirsty! Especially important if you’re visiting in the summer.

7) Voda – Water

8) Čaj – Tea (the č is pronounced similarly to the English ch)

9) Kava – Coffee

10) Vino – Wine

11) Pivo – Beer

For a more comprehensive list of words and phrases, along with audio files to help you with pronunciation, check out


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