Living in a New Country? 5 Tips to Jump-start your Language Learning

Maybe you’ve moved to France to work as a teaching assistant, or your company has temporarily relocated you to Italy. Or perhaps you’re spending the summer in England as an au pair.

Whatever your situation, your time is probably limited, so you’ll want to start using your new language right away.

Here are 5 ways to make sure you get the most you can out of this experience. Continue reading

Alternatives to “Like”, “You Know”, and “Umm..”

In my  last post, we talked a bit about the importance of using filler words and sounds that fit the language that you’re learning: “umm…” in English, “euh…” in French, “ähh…” in German.

But maybe you don’t want to umm and ahh. Those sounds can work really well in casual situations, but they aren’t always the best choice in a more professional setting, especially a very conservative one.

So what can you do to buy yourself a moment to think about what to say next? And how can you do it without saying “like”, “you know”, and “umm…”? Continue reading