2 Ways to Improve Your Vocabulary – In Context

Bored of using flashcards and lists to learn words in your new language? Looking for new ways to grow your vocabulary?

Flashcards and lists can be useful tools, especially if you want to quickly increase the number of words you can understand.

But they have one big disadvantage: when you learn a word without any context, it can be difficult to actually useĀ it in a real-life situation.

Adding context will help you build connections between new words and the real-world situations you need them for. Here are 2 ways you can learn new vocabulary – in context.

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What to Do if People Switch to English…

(… or to your native language.)

I was recently chatting with a Spanish woman living in Berlin. She was telling me how demotivated she felt when it came to learning German.

One of the reasons for this was simple. Whenever she spoke to Germans – in restaurants, at the post office, at the shops – they would switch to English. This was frustrating – she felt as though people could not understand her, and soon gave up.

So what are some of the things that you can do if you find yourself in this situation? I’ve got a few tips below, so just keep reading! Continue reading

5 English Words I Love

The English language has some pretty cool words. Here is a list of 5 that I love, along with definitions and example sentences.

1) Wistful

“Having or showing a feeling of vague or regretful longing.”

Example: There was a wistful smile on her face as she thought about her youth.

Why I love it: The sounds in the word remind me of the feeling itself. Continue reading

Living in a New Country? 5 Tips to Jump-start your Language Learning

Maybe you’ve moved to France to work as a teaching assistant, or your company has temporarily relocated you to Italy. Or perhaps you’re spending the summer in England as an au pair.

Whatever your situation, your time is probably limited, so you’ll want to start using your new language right away.

Here are 5 ways to make sure you get the most you can out of this experience. Continue reading